Our story

Edwards Eyewear was created in 2019 by award-winning Optometrist Edward Lyons and World Champion Shotgun shooter Edward Solomons.

Having been wearing, dispensing and prescribing glasses and sunglasses for over 20 years, we scoured the world for inspiration, sourcing the very finest materials and manufacturers and designed our own collection, scheduled for release in October 2019.

Edward Lyons

From early life, I was a regular visitor to the local Optometrists having developed short-sightedness around the age of 5.

I was always fascinated by the testing process and loved the new-found vision through my spectacles and later, my contact lenses.

Fast forward to age 26, I became an Optometrist Director in the very practice that supplied my first pair of glasses and worked to help our business differentiate against the high street chains by seeking out new eyewear brands and services to offer our clients.

It was in sport that I found my niche, as I developed a method of assessing an athlete’s eyesight which lead to clients winning national, international and¬†World titles, one of whom became a great friend and subsequent business partner in this exciting venture!

Subsequently, I have developed a multi award-winning practice and delivered eyecare and eyewear to individuals from 40 countries around the world, Premier League Football teams, Olympic Medallists and even the British Royal Family.

Edward Solomons

My background started in the shooting sports, where I was introduced to clay shooting as a teenager. This very quickly became the prime focus of my life, which over the years drove me to represent first county then region, advancing to England and Great Britain shortly after. Over my career I managed to win several majors including British, U.K. and finally World Championships.

During this time, I started working for a company designing, manufacturing and selling clothing and accessories to several high street stores which, combined with my degree in business studies, has proved to be more than helpful in our new venture here at Edwards Eyewear.

I now spend my time as a freelance full time shooting coach, working with all levels of shooter but specialising in competition training with students across the world reaching national and international level, winning major championships and podium positions at both European and World events.

How the Ed's met

Ed Solomons first became aware of Ed Lyons after one of his shooters had been to see Mr Lyons for a sports vision consultation and returned with a glowing review. As a prescription glasses wearer himself Ed Solomons went to see if his current prescription could be improved upon.

Not only was he very impressed with the quality of service, which far exceeded his experiences at a local optician, but the two Ed’s discovered that they got on incredibly well and shared many similar views on how to do business.

This lead to an ongoing symbiotic approach helping both of their clients to improve both in vision and technique.

Over time they  dealt with customers from all over the world and as a result became great friends and now business partners.

See life beautifully with Edwards Eyewear

Creating the company

Edwards Eyewear was created in early 2019 and blends award-winning clinical excellence with cutting edge style and creativity.

Sustainability, individuality and heritage are foremost in each part of our production – where possible we strive to use the very best materials from family run businesses, be that the 100% Biodegradable acetate of our Handmade In Italy collection to the leather in our cases and the precious metal in our Luxury emblems which are forged in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and we look forward to helping you see life beautifully with Edwards Eyewear.

We aim to reply to all emails within 72 hours.


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